Women's Ministry

The purpose of Women’s Life is to encourage women to become the Christian individual God wants them to be through loving, inspiring, following, and engaging.

Ministry Focus

Bible Study/Discipleship helping women explore the Bible, apply it to daily life and share it through group or individual study.

Outreach making connections with women that are seeking relationship and church family.

Events sharing life together in different types of environments: retreats, coffee meet-ups, dinner nights and more!

Missions glorifying God by being His hands and feet to our local and global community: NE Mission, Free the Captives.

Wednesday Mornings beginning August 24 at 9 am

God of Deliverance: A Study of Exodus 1-8 by Jen Wilkin

Led by Pam Doyle

Meets in Room E216

In this 10-session study, Jen Wilkin takes us verse by verse through Exodus to show us that the same God who delivered Israel also delivers all those from slavery to sin and from the pharaohs of this world. He lifts our eyes to the promised land He has prepared where we dwell with I AM and worship Him as the one true God. Cost is $15.00 for the workbook. 

Precept: 1 Thessalonians

Led by Melissa Wick

Meets in Room E226

Are you an example to others? Learn the principles of exemplary Christian living. Understand the spiritual warfare, sparked by the presence of the Gospel in the world, and the rapture of the church – God’s ultimate rescue. 7 sessions; cost is $15 for the workbook.  2 Thessalonians and Titus will follow when this class finishes.

The R’s of the Bible -> A Relationship with Jesus

Led by Vicki Blair

Meets in Room E205/213

Have you ever noticed the many “r’s” in the Bible and how they are connected to Jesus? Join us in a creative study of God’s Word. Cost is $10 for materials. 

Wednesday Evenings beginning August 24 at 6:30 pm

Joy of Living:  Out of Egypt – A Study on the Book of Exodus Part 1

Led by Fayee Czarnik, Penni Jones

Meets in Room E218

Ladies, are you feeling like you are in a desert place? God does His best work in deserts! Join us as we embark on a journey with God’s chosen people. The redemption of God’s people from Egypt is one of the most referenced events in all of scripture. The LORD continually reminds His people that it was He who rescued them from the most powerful nation in the world; it was He who guided and provided for them through the deserts of the Sinai; it was He who formed them into a nation; and it was He who delivered them into the land of promise. God’s plan for history is revealed through the keeping of His covenants and the building of His tabernacle, all of which are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Cost is $20 for the workbook.

Foundations:  12 Biblical Truths to Shape a Family

Led by Katelyn Fertitta

Meets in Room E216

You want your children to become Christ followers, obedient to His commands, and fruitful in their faith, but where do you begin? Though there isn’t a formula or prescription for raising godly kids, what you desire for your family begins with heeding God’s instructions to remember and declare His faithful works to the next generation. Ruth Chou Simons, along with her husband, Troy invite you to join them in the holy work of training children to know and love God for a lifetime. Foundations will help you direct your family one day at a time, as you explore 12 key truths that will help connect your children’s hearts—and yours—to the heart of God. With a simple, chapter-a-day format that includes Scripture, devotional thoughts, meditations, and discussion questions, this book will guide you in leading your family. Books can be purchased on Amazon. 


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