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February 13, 2024

We wish you all a blessed Valentine’s Day today – we feel your love and prayers.  

At present, we are still prayerfully working through a series of demographic, theological, process, pastoral, and church profile projects, which we still expect to continue through February and into March as noted in the below process schedule.  There is an immense amount of historical data (giving, departments, attendance, etc…) as well, which requires some level of effort.  We have also conducted a number of additional advice meetings with subject matter experts at the Union Baptist Association and other search processes.  

We are deeply appreciative to the church administration team, namely Penni Jones and Sharon Wood, among others for their help.

As promised, we will be sure to provide you with updates here even if there are no material updates.  We will provide some general remarks at the close of the February 18 service, which will not be an official update.  Again, any regular updates will continue to be made here online, and any major juncture updates will be made during a service.  

We expect to post the position to begin receiving applicants within the next 30-45 days and will alert you at that time here.  

We appreciate our church family’s encouragement and continued prayers.

Please pray for Kevin and Erin as they move into their next phase.  

January 17, 2024

Following a brief Christmas break, the SPST resumed weekly meetings earlier this month, including supplemental mid-week meetings by smaller task-oriented workgroups as needed.

At present we are prayerfully working through a series of demographic, theological, process, pastoral, and church profile projects which we expect to continue through February.

We requested the church family complete a pastor survey by January 22, which we will utilize in our efforts and in our completion of many of the above projects.  We encourage everyone to participate by utilizing (a) the emailed survey, (b) the paper surveys available in service, or (c) the in-app link to the survey.  We received over 100 responses in the first week alone!

We appreciate our church family’s encouragements and continued prayers.

December 19, 2023 Update

The SPST completed initial pastor search seminar training through the Union Baptist Association on December 13.  As part of this seminar, we were  provided general process and best practices for our work.

We have created workgroups from our 11-person SPST, to enable us to work through various tasks and projects simultaneously.

We are targeting the below timeframes for the next two major phases:

Process Building Phase (90 Days)

  • We are constructing a survey so that the church membership can provide input for the next senior pastor.  We will notify the church family when the survey period begins and ends so that the maximal number of people may participate.  We expect this to take place in January.
  • In February, we will analyze these survey results from  you, and work to create a candidate profile and process which we believe the Lord has for our family.
  • In March, we will finalize our process, applicant qualifications, background requirements, demographic research, church historical analysis and be ready to go to market with our search process and receive applicants.

Candidate Receipt Phase (60 Days)

  • Once the process, candidate qualifications and requirements, and other profiles are prepared, we expect to make a 60-day resume acceptance window known, tentatively to begin April 1, 2024.
  • We will announce the position on a variety of convention, seminary, corporate and other job posting sites as best practices dictate.
  • We will announce this opening to you, and seek your help in referring qualified pastors to apply through the proper channels, once they review and determine our church may be for them and that they meet the qualifications.  

Candidate Meetings, Questionnaires and Visits (June and Onward)

  • We plan to begin evaluations and conversations with candidates during the summer months once all resumes are received and processed.

December 3, 2023 Search Team Update 

November 29 Search Team Update

 The Senior Pastor Search Team (SPST) met for the first time on Sunday, November 26, 2023. Upon our  initial meeting, the team  decided:

1.  Communication Plan

      a.  We ask that church members please refrain from asking Search Team members to disclose confidential information about our process, timelines, candidates, and decisions.  This will help protect the Church-requested process, team, and pastoral candidates.

      b.  Updates will be made at this website, generally every month, or more often.

      c.  Updates during services would be made as major junctures warrant.

      d.  All committee communications will happen via one of the above methods. No other       communication will be made unless made publicly. 

      e.  If there are no updates, we will tell you there are no updates.

2.  Process and Resources

      a.  Generally, we will follow best practice Pastor Search Team processes and guidance as provided by the various agents of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the Union Baptist Associations (UBA), and their affiliates.

      b.  We will rely primarily on proven search processes over and above the secular executive search processes many of us are accustomed to in our professional work.

3.  Meetings

      a.  The SPST will meet on Sundays at 5:00 PM, except for holidays and when we do not have a quorum. We would appreciate your prayers during this time each week.

4.  Training

      a.  The SPST will host a Pastoral Search expert from the Union Baptist Association in Houston for a deep-dive training session on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.

5.  Process

      a.  We will provide you with an overview of our intended process in December.

 How to Pray 

1.  Pray for Kingwood First Baptist Church

a.  Pray for humility; humility is the pathway to unity.

i.    Philippians 2:2-3

ii.   John 17:20-21

iii.  James 4:1-3

b.  Pray for patience.

c.  Pray for commitment.

     d.  Pray for productivity in your service to your church.

     e.  Pray for evangelistic faithfulness.

     f.  Pray for protection.

2.  Pray for the Senior Pastor Search Team

     a.  Pray that God’s will to be done – above all personal agendas and influences,

     b.  Pray for our patience in the process.

     c.  Pray for our personal spiritual lives.

     d.  Pray for our unity.

     e.  Pray that we will be prayerful.

     f.  Pray we will practice Godly wisdom and discernment.

     g.  Pray we will be thorough.

3.  Pray for our next Senior Pastor

     a.  Pray that God will give him strength to leave his current ministry.

     b.  Pray that God will give him a love for Kingwood First

     c.  Pray that God will give him a burden for the lost in Kingwood, Porter, Atascocita, and beyond.

     d.  Pray that God will give him a strong desire to teach and preach the whole counsel of God.

     e.  Pray that he will make significant time for his family.

     f.  Pray he will be faithful to fulfill the biblical roles of a shepherd.

4.  Pray for our next Senior Pastor’s Family

     a.  Pray that his wife will develop new friendships quickly.

     b.  Pray that his wife will adjust to the community.

     c.  Pray that his wife will not be subjected to unrealistic expectations.

     d.  Pray that their children will also adjust to their new church family and community.

5.  Pray for Kevin and Erin

     a.  Pray that they will finish strong and feel fulfilled.

     b.  Pray they will see the fruit of their efforts.

     c.  Pray they will richly connect with their next community of faith.

     d.  Pray they will find their next places of service within their retirement.


The prayers mentioned above were adapted from Jason Lowe’s book “The Church During the Search”.

Details and FAQs


Dr. Kevin McCallon has served as Senior Pastor of Kingwood First Baptist Church for over 17 years and has announced his retirement in 2024.

Dr. Dearing Garner, Founding Senior Pastor, served for nearly 25 years before Kevin’s arrival.

Our church family has been blessed to have two long-term, faithful leaders over our history.


The Search for the next Senior Pastor of Kingwood Baptist Church has begun!  Our people are already signing up for Prayer teams (“Pray First!”).

They submitted nominations for the Senior Pastor Search Team.  Just under 100 people were nominated (97) by the church family to serve.  This is truly inspiring and shows just how interested and involved God’s people are in this process as we move toward this exciting new chapter of God’s work at KFBC. 

The Personnel Committee of KFBC, worked closely with the church staff to share the names of those willing to serve on the Senior Pastor Search Team.  Those nominated by the church family were then considered by the Team Members Selection Group (a group of 8 members chosen from the church family in the way we choose members to consider Deacons nominated for service every year). 

There are three important characteristics that are always used to consider men for service as Deacons, which were applied as the considerations to this group as the nominations are given to the Team Members Selection Group:

1 – A person must be willing to serve

2 – A person should be a member, regular attender of KFBC and involved in Life Groups

3 – A person should be regular in giving financial support of KFBC and its ministries

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, the Deacon body was presented with a slate of 11 members by this same Team Members Selection Group. The slate was unanimously recommended, as-presented, for a church-wide vote.

On Sunday, November 19, 2023 the church body elected the same slate of 11 members of the Senior Pastor Search Team during the Sunday Morning Worship Service.


Pastor Kevin has been working with the Personnel Committee Chairman for the past year towards his much-deserved retirement in 2024.

Our leadership and staff are equipped, and the church is ready to unify under the next season of our mission.


Our 11-member Senior Pastor Search Team is working with resource-providers, such as the Union Baptist Association in Houston, throughout the process.

The Search Team is entirely independent of the UBA, and any other committee or oversight.

The Search Team will bring its chosen candidate directly to the church body without any interference or governance interference.

The members of the Senior Pastor Search Team are:

Michele Bauer

Fayee Czarnik

Hannah DeCola

Clark Fertitta

Elisabeth Hale

Kevin Kabell

Patrick Keegan

Carlos Lucio

Jennifer Manning

Mitch Moss

Rick Walker


The typical pastor search process takes 12-18 months to complete.

We expect the entire process of planning, selection and presentation for voting to take months, but less than a full year, if the Lord identifies a candidate as we anticipate. Of course, we are all submitted to the will and work of the Spirit in this process. The Search Team will provide monthly updates on where we are in the process and how we should pray here on the website. 


Pray for the Search Team, our new Senior Pastor, his Family and our church family. 

Speculation on “who will be the next Senior Pastor” is normal. However, speculation is not helpful. We are in a season of discernment with the Spirit. It is God’s voice, not our own, that we seek to hear. 

There will be a time when resumes will be accepted, which will be known to the church. Only resumes submitted via the proper channels and timeframe will be considered. Please kindly trust those you asked to serve by refraining from politicking for specific individuals. 

The Church has clearly defined its core values and objectives during the most-recent survey process, and the Search Team will be purposeful and prayerful in choosing the candidate.

Trust God through this process. He is always up to something that we do not see. He is growing us up and preparing for another progression in our journey as Kingwood First Baptist Church. 

You can play your part by fully supporting the work of our church by:

  • Faithfully praying,
  • Engaging in discipleship,
  • Serving in life groups and ministries where you are called,
  • Giving to missions and the ministry of the Church, and
  • Loving as a member of this family of believers.

Who will be preaching after Kevin departs?  Who will be in charge? 

Our committee is not involved in pulpit supply or staffing decisions.  The formation of a Transition Committee for the Church’s consideration, as required in our bylaws, is in process over the next few weeks and will be presented to the Church in the normal course of business.  

How can I apply for this position?

We will not evaluate any resumes until the closure of the 60-day resume acceptance period – in April and May of 2024.  Any candidate may submit their resume early, however they should not expect any material responses from the committee.  Any resumes or nominations submitted by anyone other than the candidate, will not be considered.  

Candidates should send an email to with a cover letter in the email body, their contact information and a resume attached as a PDF with their name as the file name.  This email should be from their personal email address where they can receive replies.  Please do not contact any SPST member about any applicant.  

We encourage any applicants to wait until the position qualifications and description are available (on this website around April 1) to determine whether they are qualified and called to our church family.  

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