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Wednesday Evening DiscipleLIFE Bible Studies for Adults
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Join us Wednesday, August 17 at 6:30 pm for charcuterie goodies and fellowship.  We will also present the classes offered for our Early Fall Semester on Wednesday nights.  Hear from teachers that will be leading co-ed, men’s, and women’s studies.  

Wednesday Nights beginning August 24

Who is Jesus?

6:45 PM

Led by James Jackson

Meets in Room E215 – Open to all Adults

Who Is Jesus? The question has been asked and debated for generations. Some call him Lord. Some say he was a good man, a prophet, or a teacher. Still others call him a lunatic or liar. History, culture, and Scripture agree that all of life centers on your answer to this one question Who Is Jesus? In this five-week study, Pastor Louie Giglio invites us to meet God in both our intellect and our hearts by uncovering what history and Scripture have to say about Jesus. Throughout the study, we’ll witness how Jesus appeared and shaped the landscape of history, just as he shapes the landscape of our lives for eternity.For those just beginning to ask questions about him, and those who have known him for a long time, Who Is Jesus? is a journey toward discovering the truth about history’s most monumental figure and humanity’s opportunity to know him personally. Cost is $10 for materials.

Joseph:  A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness

6:45 PM

Led by James DeCola

Meets in Room E221 – Open to all Adults

No family today is more dysfunctional than Joseph’s. No one faces greater temptation than Potiphar’s wife offered Joseph. No faith is challenged more severely than was Joseph’s on death row. Yet Joseph stood firm, exemplifying what is possible when ordinary people maintain their connections with God. Like an epic novel filled with intrigue, tension, and torrential emotions, Joseph’s triumphant story touches us all. This third volume in Charles Swindoll’s “Great Lives” series presents a fresh look at one of the most intriguing characters in the Old Testament and focuses on the virtue of forgiveness in the face of deceit and betrayal. Cost is $10.

Angels, Demons, and the Unseen Realm

6:45 PM

Led by John Burris

Meets in Room E226 – Open to all Adults

Who were the “sons of God”? Who were the Nephilim? Where do angels fit into the supernatural hierarchy? Why did God find it necessary to have the Israelites destroy the populations of entire cities-man, woman, and child? What relation does Jesus bear to the rest of the supernatural world? Dr. Michael S. Heiser tackles these questions and many more in his books Supernatural and The Unseen Realm. Cost is $10.


7:00 PM

Led by Kevin McCallon

Meets in Room E228 – Men’s Bible Study

Pastor Kevin will begin teaching through the letters to the Thessalonians this fall on Sunday mornings. Each Wednesday after the message all men are invited to attend this class which will allow time for group discussion on the previous message. No charge for materials.


Men’s Bible Study Fellowship

 Every week, men 18 years of age and older come together to study the Bible, learn from one another and be challenged and encouraged to live for something larger than themselves.  A BSF Men’s class offers straight talk and biblical truth built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  As a class member, you will spend time in personal study of the Scriptures each week.  On class night, you wil join other men in a small-group discussion of the lesson and learn from a teaching leader how the truths of Scriture can be applied to daily life.  You will leave class with comprehensive lesson notes, which teach further on the passage you studied, and lesson questions for the following week.

Watch for more information on start dates for 2022-2023.

Go to bsfinternational.org for more information and to register. 


For more information or to sign up for a class:

Email swood@kingwoodfirst.org for information on Co-ed and Men’s classes. Email klockett@kingwoodfirst.org for information on studies for Women only.

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