Sermon Series


The Great Choices of God’s People” - “What Joshua knew and was called to “Do” – overview. His preparation and his “3 Knowns” – Joshua’s place in covenant.

1. Joshua 1 - “When A Man Of God Dies, Nothing Of God Dies” – “Moses dead – great man no death of God”

Describes challenge before people of God whose earlier forbears failed basis of Hebrews in NT for church today God gives the law but you must receive it by disciplined use of law.

2. Joshua 1 - “I Will Be With You” “No End Date”

As I was with Moses – the “God with you” of life of faith and Jesus. “Immanuel”. “Every place put sole foot” – God goes “before” – will I follow? Personal, then, interpersonal.

3. Joshua 1 - “Who God And Others Want You To Be”

3x - “Be strong and courageous” – what God calls on him to “be” is what others need him to “be”. A leader is needed – “you will cause people to inherit” – who follows His leader. “Be careful to ”Do”” – as Moses in Deut. 32 key of life. “Meditate” – Word of God see also in Joshua 23 ”be careful”. NORT/LT – “wisdom” done. What God calls on us to attempt, He enables us to accomplish. Jesus “yoke” illustration is the NT extension of this same idea. (Publish paper on “war” in Joshua? Make available during series? white paper?)

4. Joshua 2 - “How Far Is To Far With God”

Rahab an illustration of God’s “place where you place foot I’ve been there before
you”. 1:3.
Rahab sees the work of God and responds to it. The opposite of what others in Canaanite city /states do.

- Place trust in chariots/horses rather than God.
Rahab is figure of salvation available to “all who call on the name of the Lord” – she knows no

LAW – salvation is by “grace” – only who God is

The scarlet thread of redemption. How far is too far from God?
- The cord is an outward sign of an inward commitment

The WALLS Rahab lived in “fall down” before the power of God – she had placed her in a greater dwelling of God have we?

5. Joshua 3 - The Freedom of Discipline”

The people follow the ark /the law/the Promises of God. They can’t see the AK, they follow the footsteps and call of God. “soles of feet” – remember chapter 1
“As I was with Moses, so you” - “dry ground” – work of God yesterday/today?
The new freedom they have will require discipline for them. THE LAW.  
The people are called to “decide for themselves” what they believe (in a new generation) Before God does work that is NEW (in Jericho)

6. Joshua 4 – “When Our Children Ask”

“Stones of remembrance” – not random – “feet stood”/ “place where sole treads” Places where our feet stand firmly for Him because places of remembrance for later generations. All is done “so that people will know (:24) hand of the Lord is mighty. When our children ask (:21) (and they will), where we take them and say “here’s where I followed and God was as He said.

7. Joshua 5 – “Roll Away Sin”

“Gilgal and the “roll away” of sin” (find notes 3/18/09) - how circumcision and Old Testament if also the baptism of today (see Udo Middleman, Intro, Schaeffer)
people keep and manna ceases WHY? No need!
When we decide to follow God, he immediately give us a place to demonstrate our faith.

8. Joshua 5:13-15 – Where IS My Holy Ground”

The Commander of the Lord’s army (Eph. 6:12) How will God give victory over Jericho? Joshua is shown “How” in same way Moses is – Ex. 3:5 (“Take off your shoes”)
Where is MY “holy ground”? – (moment in Promise Keepers with Jack Hayford)
See Brueggeman
– God never reveals to “How” – to those who follow Him will we trust horses/chariots or power of God?

9. Joshua 6 (:2-3) – “Trumpets And Strongholds”

“I’ve already given you’s what you are to do.” How much of what God already has “war” for me and least ?? for me (and those with me) would God bring about if I would be willing to do what He says even if it seems unusual to me? This is a “battle that never was a battle”, but only obvious about faith.

”Trumpets” a call, Numbers 10 & I Cor. 15 and “gathering of elect”
What “strongholds” need pulling down in my life, but only await my following of God’s Word to
me? (Ii Cor. 10:3-5)
Jericho’s destruction – required by God or Joshua “declare it”?

10. Joshua 7 – “Breaking Faith”

Decisions of one man bring all kinds of sorrow upon God’s people (note- Joshua did not ask God before would the SIN have been revealed before? God will reveal what we seek to know. Is SIN worth its cost? Parallel the “fire” and hell punishment. God gave His son for us (our value) – what “value” you place loyalty Him? – Achan turned by gold cloak.

11. Joshua 8 & 9 Blessings And Curses

Ai and Achan are set aside by new willingness to follow God. God’s direction of “ambush” is inter, because it requires strict adherence by Joshua and men of Israel. People “renew” covenant to Achan’s sin and Joshua follows Moses commands in Deut. 11:29, with blessings//curses all read from LAW. Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim blessings/curses Gerizim later Samaritan Temple, John 4.

The Gibeon deception KEY is (:14) – “the men (leaders of Israel) did not seek counsel from the Lord”. Even though the men of Israel are deceived, they follow through on their promises.

12. Joshua 10 – “A Day Like Never Before” (and you thought the eclipse was cool)

Battle of Gibeon (where men follow through on covenant made with God inter. This is a place of “sun” standing still” for Joshua and famous passage in (:14), “Never a day like it before or since.” See journal of 3/25/09 for strong emphasis on “what God did” rather than “what I (or man) did” – be careful of desire to read God’s word to see “what I could do is I served God”, not what God would do. Miracles include hailstones and sun/moon.

13. Joshua 11 – “What Part Does God Have In War?

The presence of God and Violence. See Brueggemann book and earlier ideas in Journal for 8/11/17. Good time to preach through the “problems related to Israelite “wars””?

14. Joshua 14 – “Give Me The Land Of Giants”

Great story of Caleb – “give me that hill country”. The people are called to subdue the Land and Caleb is an example “because he wholly followed the Lord” (:14) (see quote from Udo Middlemann, intro, Schoeffer)

15. Joshua 20 – “God Know We Need Refuge”

Cities of refuge set up. Meg’s prayer voiced – “Lord, let ME be a “refuge” for the people I work among”. God is our refuge and strength. Judgement will come – seek it to be at God’s hand.

16. Joshua 22 – “When God’s People Misunderstand Each Other”

The 21/2 tribes go back to the land promised East of Jordan Tribes have a misunderstanding” of the intentions of tribes and there is almost war. When God’s people misunderstand each other. The roots of conflict/division in groups – actions “interpreted” wrongly. Do these tribes become “lost in history? Does it matter?

17. Joshua 23 – Joshua’s final words legacy – includes Ch. 1 and Deut. 32 “be careful”.

“Be careful to follow, for Lord who fought for you will not continue to do so if you turn away (:13,15) but will allow destruction. Do these tribes become “LOST in history?

18. Joshua 24 – “A Stone For Every Home” page3image1605312 page3image1606560 page3image1606768 page3image1606976 page3image1607184 page3image1607392 page3image1607600 page3image1607808 page3image1608016Inheritances continue until all solved the inheritance of Joshua (19:49-50) – “the city he asked (for)”. History and (now) decision include 19:49-50 “city he had asked for” – (:13) God gave land/cities/fruit, you did not labor/build/ plant; (:15) choose who you will serve – as for me, I’ll serve the Lord. Reminds me of Brad/Brenda and of us their friendship loyalty to us is an extension of loyalty to God, also to each other.

Joshua sets up a stone (:25) at Shechum (“as witness” - Eleazar) (:25). Stones Remembrance (see Swindoll), see 4/1//09 Journal Good End

Joseph’s bones buried (:32). Eleazar (Priest) dies also, buried in Gibeah – “town given him (not “city”?)”.