Men's Retreat 2018: FORGED

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Each year around this time we break for Men’s Retreat.  We are aiming at two things: relaxation/refreshment and spiritual renewal.  Each year the spiritual renewal is focused on a theme.  This year the theme is “Forged” and we are focusing on Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”  We will talk about the importance of strong men of God in your life and how God will use them to forge you into the image of Christ.  

Regarding the relaxation/refreshment: that is totally up to you how much or little you get into it.  The free times are basically anytime that we are not eating or teaching the word of God.  That starts when the gates open 

on Friday morning at 10am till our first teaching session about 
8pm Friday night.  Then 
from lunch Saturday until dinner about 
6pm Saturday night.  And don’t forget all the late night banter your heart can desire!  You can enjoy all or none of the following:

  •  Great fishing (catch and release)
  •  Hiking
  •  Canoeing and Paddle boards
  •  Rockwall climbing
  •  Zip line
  •  Horse shoes
  •  Basketball (court has lights)
  •  Sand volleyball
  •  Gaga ball
  •  Archery tag (a poor man’s paint ball)
  •  Crate stacking (complete with a self belay system)
  •  Dominoes and endless card games

You can register at the link above in about 30 seconds.  You’ll get a confirmation email which describes your options to pay online ($150).  Go to to view the facility.  We will be staying at Dogwood Circle.