Open Arms Ministry

Open Arms MinistryWho we are

The Open Arms ministry began in 2002 as a ministry to serve individuals with disabilities and their families.


Our purpose

 The purpose of the Open Arms ministry is to represent the open arms of Jesus Christ welcoming all into His house. Many families affected by disability simply remain at home, home church or family members take turns attending church so that someone can provide care for the family member with a disability. This ministry literally opened the doors to allow these families to find both fellowship and the opportunity to worship together. As these families come and are ministered to, they begin to use their gifts and talents and minister to others. We want them to know that they are truly welcomed with ‘Open Arms’ and our desire is that they will feel the love of Christ through our ministry.

Our vision

The vision of the Open Arms ministry is to continue to welcome families affected by disability, to offer support and to encourage them to get involved, however they can, in the life of KFBC and our community. Our ministry will continue to reach out to families in the community to share the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

Meeting Times

Kingwood First Baptist Church (KFBC)
3500 Woodland Hills Dr. (at Tree Lane)
Life Group               10:45am-11:50am

Peggy Lockhart, 281-360-9429
Mary Ciura, 281-413-7389